We push the edge of what is possible.

We see many different investment products all the time, but because of our in-depth technical analysis and due diligence we have a deep understanding of what investment products promise and what they are able to deliver where it matters, to you our client.


We know what is possible, we know what returns are probable, which means we know when someone is simply trying to cheat people out of money for their own means.


Come talk to us, we can help you understand.

“I only recommend what I’ve invested in personally”

-Global & Local founder Michael Haldane.

Meet the Team


Investment advisory companies can never be successful if they rely solely on the expertise of a single individual person. It takes teams of people who each have a specialized skill and set of experience to effectively manage your invested capital in the way you need.


These people are the people that make it all work, the machinery that drives your investments forward. After having worked for a number of financial institutions for a number of years, Global & Local founder Michael Haldane realised that many financial institutions were not offering the independent advice to their clients as they promised.


In 1999 Mr. Haldane decided to create a company that would offer real independent advice to clients who deserved independent investment advice underpinned by independent research and due diligence.


Mauro Forlin

Mauro Forlin, Director, started his financial markets career in 1994 by being appointed in the administrative department of the top performing SA unit trust company of that time. From there Mauro moved to Investment Banks, asset managers and to direct client consulting where he finally built his own client consulting business which then in 2009 merged with Global & Local Investment Advisors. This well-rounded industry experience provides Mauro an understanding of all areas of asset management. He is completely absorbed by financial markets and investment products and how these can be used by investors to grow wealth.


Mauro has 25 years experience in the investment industry.


Mauro holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and an International Capital Markets Qualifications through the London Securities Institute and he is a Certified Financial Planner.


When not involved in investments, Mauro occupies his time with his wife and son and can be found on a racing bicycle over weekends or watching Springbok rugby.


Michael Haldane

Michael Haldane, Founder & Managing Director, is a visionary and entrepenuer who has a very strong work ethic and thus develops this in those who work around him. Michael has a passion for growing capital for anyone and is always ready to discuss how to grow your money.


Prior to founding Global & Local, Michael worked for a number of financial insitutions in varied positions.


Michael has 25 years experience in the investment industry and holds a B.Com Honours degree from the University of Natal.


Michael is a student of Eastern philosophy, he enjoys cultural events, travelling and a good game of squash. Michael is married with 2 daughters.


Theolene Gelderbloem

Theolene Gelderbloem, Operations Director, joined Global & Local in 2005 as the receptionist and junior administrator.


In 2009 she became the administration team leader and in 2010 the administration manager.


In 2013 Global & Local formed its first Risk Division which Theolene headed up and this opportunity allowed her to become more confident in dealing with clients and individuals in a whole.


Theolene then became Global & Local’s General Manager in 2015 and in this position, she obtained a qualification in Human Resources. In 2018 she was asked to join the board of Directors.


Theolene is happily married with 2 daughters, enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and she’s an avid cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen.




Years combined experience




Assets under management

Mission Statement


To build a financial advisory practice that is respected and revered due to its adherence to the highest level of ethics, professionalism and good business practices.

Client Service Commitment


The company and its entire staff are committed to excellence. We strive to achieve the highest standards of service, product innovation and initiative where appropriate.

Compliance to Industry Legislation


It is the view of Global & Local to build a sustainable business based on dealings with our clients that are absolutely honest and have all elements of utmost ethical and moral transacting. We have contracted one of the top compliance officers in the financial services industry, who audits Global & Local on an on-going basis to ensure that all transactions comply with current and any future legislation that may brought into the industry.