Since 1999 Global & Local Investment Advisors has become one of the most respected financial advisory companies in South Africa.


The founder of Global & Local, Michael Haldane and the Managing Director, Mauro Forlin, lead a team of 30 plus highly motivated, experienced and qualified individuals who serve over 4000 clients who reside in South Africa and globally.


Our team of in-house analysts provide analysis and due diligence on all investment products before they are presented to an investor. In addition, the Analytical Team also review and report on the progress of our clients’ investments as well as monitoring the global financial markets and the investment industry as a whole.


These aspects provide the backbone of the investment advice we provide to investors.

When recommending investment products to our clients, these recommendations are underpinned by the due diligence into those products and their providers. This due diligence is then provided to our in-house investment committee which debates the merits of the product and/or investment fund.


The investment product/fund is then approved by our committee to be presented to our clients, or not.


As a result, many of the investment products/funds are utilized by our staff and company, not because this is good for marketing but simply put; we know the product/fund and the people behind it, so it makes sense.

Global & Local Investment Advisors have developed a team of highly qualified and experienced analysts who are able to analyse and conduct due diligence on investment products before these are approved by our investment committee and before being recommended to our clients.


In addition our Analytical Team monitors the progress of our clients’ investments, as well as the global financial markets and the changes in investment industry products and the developments within the industry as a whole.


Global & Local are one of the few investment advisory firms in South Africa which have taken the time and made the investment in developing an analytical team.

Our administrative team ensures every single investment transaction is completed to the investor’s satisfaction and in keeping with their wishes.


Over the years the importance of having a strong administrative team has become important due the changes brought about through the development of our industry.


We run sophisticated software which ensures that our clients’ records are kept safe and private and that these details are kept up to date and in line with not only our industry’s compliance requirements but also to our clients’ expectations.

When investing through Global & Local, our clients can be rest assured that they are placing their hard earned capital in investment products that are in keeping with modern investment techniques and investment products that are structured in ways that reduce investment fees but continue to drive investment returns.

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