We have 5 x “Highland Park” 3-year-old Whisky casks available at £4,238 per cask. Storage and insurance included for 5 years.

Distillery Profile

This Island mystery malt (Highland Park) is renowned for its lightly-peated flavour profile. With its own floor malting and kilns, this distillery is just about as traditional as it gets. The Orcadian peat used has a very different makeup to that found on Islay. It is more delicate, heathery even.

Cask Offer

These casks have a higher filling strength which means more original litres of alcohol (OLA) which is better for ageing. These casks can be moved to any of Scotland’s Whisky warehouses post-sale at cost price.

As per the demand of these casks, they cannot be reserved. Only on receipt of funds will they be secured.

See below current Highland Park casks available in the marketplace:

  • HighlandPark / 2000 / Barrel £47,080
  • HighlandPark / 2000 / Barrel £52,067
  • HighlandPark / 2000 / Barrel £48,107
  • HighlandPark / 2000 / Barrel £39,453


Contact us to find out more about this offer or to purchase one of these casks before they are sold out.