Adolf & Elvira – Clients since 1999 : “My husband always took great pride in telling them how happy & proud he is to be with a company like this and he has very high regard for Michael Haldane” (Play audio)


Cynthia – Client for 20+ years : “Michael is my success story” (Play audio)


Derek – Client for 20+ years: “Michael looks after all our investments and has always given us the correct direction.” (Play audio)


Elizabeth – Client since 2013: “They come back to you, they look after you, they follow up. I’ve been dealing with Mauro Forlin and he’s looking after me nicely” (Play audio)


Fernando –  Client since 1998: “I’m one of the first clients. Michael came to my office, we discussed, I invested with him the very same day and up till today I’ve always been investing with him. I have other investments, but this beats them all, there’s not 1 year that I’ve said to myself ‘I’m sorry that I’ve invested.” (Play audio)


Johan – Client for 10 years: “They are consistent in what they propose, and they do propose good things.” (Play audio)


Sunil – Client for 25 years: “They offer products from lots of different companies, they do good research, they find the right products. They are constantly looking out for more innovative products.” (Play audio)


John & Maisie – Client for 15 – 20 years :  “Michael is here for a reason, and I think it’s to help people use their investments for the best effect and he has done that for me spectacularly. I’ve been retired for 5 years and the investments with Michael’s help have made it possible and easy for me to retire.” (Play audio)


Malcolm – Client for 15 years : “When I first met Michael, he introduced himself and he wasn’t pushy like all the others, not phoning me every 5 minutes, so I was very happy about that, and he gave me the best advice I had up to then and we followed it and we’ve done well.” (Play audio)


Bruno & Carole – Clients since 1995: “He presented his cards on the table, what he can do and what he can’t do, and for me that said everything.  We invested a very small amount, the best I could, but I’ve never turned back.” (Play audio)